9 Tips to a Successful Beach Wedding in Florida



DA Event Planning is certain that the St Petersburg/Clearwater Beach area offers the best beach weddings in Florida. With its picturesque coastline and stunning venues, it is the perfect location for a beach wedding in Florida.

Daniela Alvarez, based in Tampa Bay, is an experienced wedding planner who has organized hundreds of beach weddings. As part of the DA Event Planning team, she provides expert assistance to couples and locals in Tampa Bay who are looking to have a memorable beach wedding in Florida. Additionally, Daniela and her team are well-versed in helping those planning destination weddings to make their dream wedding a reality.

Beach Wedding in Florida

Experience Florida Beaches and Sunshine

There are 35 miles of sugar sand beaches between St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach. You can also host your wedding at hundreds of resorts and parks. We also have an average of 240 sunny days per year. However, even with this in mind, there are still many other things to consider when planning your Florida beach wedding.

1. Timing Your Beach Wedding

When planning a wedding, timing is everything! This is particularly important to consider when planning a beach wedding in Florida. It’s no secret that an outdoor summer wedding can be hot, especially during the day.

Even teachers and other professionals, who may have the summer off, still choose to have weddings in the summer. In such cases, it’s important to carefully consider the timing of the wedding and, if possible, select a venue that allows for a portion of the event to be held indoors. Having a morning wedding with a brunch or an evening wedding can provide a cooler experience.

However, if you’re set on having a beach wedding, late fall or early spring would be the ideal time.

2. The Perfect Beach Wedding Location

If your family and friends in the north are freezing it is likely that a Florida beach ceremony will get many YES answers.

Many family members and friends will plan a getaway for your wedding weekend, and you may find that a resort is the best option for you. The Gulf of Mexico beach is a fantastic location for this. Such a getaway is made convenient for guests with hotel rooms and a swimming pool.

Talk to your immediate family about your wedding and discuss your plans with them. You will get a better idea of the number of people who may want to extend their stay and what they’re looking for.

3. Beach Wedding or Beach Front Wedding

Both of these things may sound similar. But they can also be very different.

Many local wedding venues have their own private beach. You can also have beach access to hold your ceremony, which is a very short walk for you and your guests. Some venues offer incredible decks and air-conditioned event spaces that have floor-to-ceiling views overlooking the beach or Gulf. Some venues offer outdoor spaces right on the sand.

Each couple has its own preferences and requirements. Knowing what you want is the first step to finding the perfect venue.

4. Love Your Plan B

Florida’s weather can be unpredictable, despite its 240 sunny days per year. There are some stunning venues that only offer an outdoor option for the wedding ceremony or reception. Additionally, some venues may have backup plans that may not fully meet your needs.

It is crucial to check the venue’s Plan B before finalizing your booking. Make sure you are comfortable with the backup space provided for your wedding.

5. What to Wear for Your Beach Wedding

Shopping for a wedding gown is an exciting experience. A good strategy is to wait until you’ve chosen your wedding venue, whether it’s a beach wedding or not. Depending on the season, dresses made of lighter fabrics may be more suitable. If your ceremony takes place on the beach, you might consider selecting a shorter gown compared to a beachfront ceremony.

For the gentlemen, there are also lighter colors, more casual, and lightweight options available for beach weddings.

beach wedding planner

6. Embrace Beach Life

Imagine you’re planning a destination wedding in Florida. It’s essential to consider the wide range of wedding options available in the state. While your Pinterest board may be filled with ideas of tropical flowers, shells, and sand, it’s important to note that even if these items are not readily available, there are still other local elements you can incorporate.

Consider showcasing the abundance of local fresh seafood, vibrant citrus fruits, seasonal produce, or even exploring the amazing craft beer scene. Adding these local touches will allow your guests to fully enjoy their stay and experience the flavors and uniqueness of Florida.

7. Share Your Beach Wedding Plans

A wedding website can be a wonderful idea. This allows guests to find out any information they may need. This includes the timing, location, hotel rooms, and where you registered.

You might want to include the location of the wedding ceremony, especially if it is taking place at the beach. In such cases, it would be advisable to inform your guests to bring sandals instead of stilettos.

If you want to go for a more casual look, the three-piece suit can be left at home and linen slacks and shirts are packed. Your family and friends might want to know about things such as a pashmina, which is perfect for cooler evenings outdoors.

8. Share the Beach Life Experience 

You can share amazing Florida experiences with your guests, either through your wedding website or their welcome bag.

Consider sharing your favorite local attractions, breweries, or restaurants in your welcome letter or on your wedding website.

There’s nothing more welcoming to Florida than a bag of Florida treats or citrus, along with sunscreen and lip balm. Stone crabs, for example, are in season from October to May, so guests can have fun learning about where to find them.

9. Hire a Wedding Planner

It is highly recommended to hire a wedding planner who specializes in beach weddings. They will pay close attention to all the details, ensuring that everything is taken care of. 

From providing flip-flops and sunglasses for sunset weddings on the Gulf to helping you choose the perfect shoes for dancing the night away, they will ensure that every small detail contributes to making your beach wedding truly unique.

Our team at DA Event Planning is particularly passionate about beach weddings. We have established partnerships with the best wedding professionals and venues in the Tampa Bay area. 

By choosing us, you can be confident that we will go above and beyond to plan your Florida Beach Wedding and create a truly special occasion for you, your family, and your guests.

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